About Us

Elle McCann- Owner of Tomo Fit Apparel

About the Founder

Hi I'm Elle McCann and I started Tomo Fit Apparel in 2018. I have a passion for fitness and love working out whether that is at the gym, lifting weights in my garage or running with my dogs. I wanted to start a women's fitness clothing business that had comfortable clothes with inspiring messages to lift you up and make you feel confident.

I also have another business, Curious Themes, which teaches people how to start their own online store. My mission in starting Tomo Fit Apparel is to show all the behind-the-scenes magic on how I grow this business so you can follow along and start/grow your own business. Follow along on our YouTube channel for all the weekly behind-the-scenes videos.


Tomoe Gozen

Why the name Tomo Fit Apparel?

Tomoe Gozen provides one of the few examples of a true woman warrior in early to early modern Japanese history. We chose to name Tomo after Tomoe Gozen for a few reasons, but most importantly, we understand that even in modern times women are still looked at as lesser in many forms than their male peers around them. Tomoe shows us that even in a time so long past, when men ran the world, she could stand not only as an equal to the men she fought with and against, but could be their superior. We want to take that inspiring figure and shine a light on the broad spectrum of women out there that all have those traits. All of you are Gozen (Lady) and every one of you are warriors. Our world today, like that of Tomoe Gozens’ is a battle field for women to have to fight their way to show that their place in this world is not one to be undermined nor trifled with. So, suit up!

Read our #TomoStrong Blog

We know you are strong, but even the strongest among us still need some inspiration. You will have days where you feel like you have hit a wall or your motivation has burn out like those calories you torched the day before. We at Tomo Fit want to help throw fuel back on those embers and get that fire raging for the next round!

Our blog is your pump for such fuel! We want to give you tips, workouts, knowledge, and showcase the women who are pushing the limits and showing what it means to be #tomostrong!